The Art Collection

I have been a bit of a creative my entire life, working in film, VFX, photography, and enjoy art of all aspects.

The selections you see here are for sale and are one-off pieces. Price in art is always subjective. You pay it if you like it - simple. All pieces are currently unframed. Prices include framing. Delivery time will be slightly delayed with framing times, and delivery fee is not included in the price.

All art pieces are painted with Acrylic on Canvas.

Interested parties need to email me.

The Dancer - 400x500: $950 NZD

The Path - 400x300: $650 NZD


The Winter Garden - 400x300: $745 NZD


The Bee - 400x300: $625 NZD


'Purple' - 400x500: $1250 NZD